Why Millennials Love Bernie Sanders
Cenk Uygur

Don’t forget people my age 66, who were changed for life by the protest years: Our beloved President John F. Kennedy was assassinated when I was 13, and over the next 4 years, I witnessed news that Bobby Kennedy had been assassinated while running for president in California. Yoko Ono and John Lennon were arrested for their anti-war sleep in. White people joined their black brothers and sisters in the south because they witnessed state troopers sicking police dogs on non-violent civil rights protesters and beating them with clubs wrapped in barbed wire! I was 16 when the little Sunday School girls were fire bombed by KKK in Alabama. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were murdered. Even the alleged shooter of JFK was assassinated, and then HIS assassin was shot dead on live TV! This all happened by the time I was 18… and by then I was participating in anti-war protests because my brother 14 months younger than me had been drafted a week after he graduated from high school and was addicted to heroin in Vietnam (we found out later.) — — So don’t sell the older generation short. Some of us did NOT DRINK THE COOLAID in the 60’s and 70's! We have been waiting for Bernie Sanders!! The candidate, who is NOT FOR SALE! Personally, I believe the reason MLK was killed is because he UNITED the poor regardless of color.

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