Gambling in the United Kingdom

As a matter of fact, the gambling laws in the UK are relatively straightforward compared to those in the other countries. The only possible complications can be tracked down if someone’s happened to begin his own gambling business. In other cases, it sets no obstacles at all. Thus, when you express the will to do some bets, you can do it without any problem.

Government of the United Kingdom chooses a ‘soft’ policy regarding gambling

The Gambling Act and formation of the Gambling Commission

Either you choose to play “real” or try some of the online casinos you will not be sentenced to any punishment for your actions. The sphere of gambling is absolutely legal in the United Kingdom.

After signing the Gambling Act 2005 the responsibilities held by the Gaming Board had been officially transferred to the Gambling Commission, which became also responsible for online gaming. The further steps were taken when the National Lottery Commission was established in 2013 to regulate the other gambling branches.

In accordance with the act, the Gambling Commission received the right to issue licenses same as withdrawing them from the casinos located within the UK territory. It was primarily established to prevent casinos from being engaged in crime and keep the under-age away from gambling.

Online gambling regulations and the current state of affairs

Any resident of the UK, who’s reached 18 years old, has got a full access to online gaming with no exception. All the sites and services have been checked and approved by the government authorities, giving you a 100% guarantee the casino meets general requirements, which also means you know who you deal with and won’t be scammed.

A non-taxable income and the future of gambling

Another benefit of gambling in the UK is that winnings are not subjected to taxation within the country. Surely, the operators pay taxes for the services they provide, but customers’ income is not considered to be taxable. For residential gamblers, it’s, undoubtedly, a huge motivation, forming a background for the future of gambling. And thus, to support the sphere, the new government regulations are being issued on regular basis.

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