Poker history: how it was

Poker is the game played by millions of people worldwide. Yet, not everyone is aware of its origin. Wish to know more? Then keep reading further

The history of poker dates back many centuries ago and even until nowadays it is not known which game became a progenitor of the most popular game worldwide.

Poker history: how it was

Versions of origin

Some sources claim that Chinese domino played an integral part in the history and foundation of poker. According to some versions, in 900 AD, Chinese aristocracy played a game that resembled poker.

On the other hand, other sources send us to an ancient Persian game that was played with 25 cards that had 5 suits.

More realistic, yet also later versions of poker origin are linked to the game “primero” in Italy and Spain as well as “la prime” in France. Of course, the rules of these games can hardly remain modern poker, yet still resemble it. Each player was given 3 cards and some had a winning combination.

In the 18th century, poker started developing more and more, and therefore, became very popular in Europe. This time, the game already included 5 cards and the most integral part of the game was bluff. In all European countries rules were different, nevertheless, the best and strongest combination made of 5 cards was always winning.

The first word “poker” in literature: 1834

For the very first time, the word poker appeared in literature in 1834 thanks to a traveler Jonathan Greene. He was travelling on a ship along with sailors, who were playing this same game days and nights. And those were they, who created the word “poker”.

Poker nowadays

The history of poker really begins with the moment when French colonizers started opening up America. That’s the place, where it became popular among almost every person. It was impossible to find a saloon, where citizens wouldn’t play it. With the time, it basically became a national game that was played even by US presidents.

Nowadays, there exist about a dozen of different kinds of poker, each of which has its fans. Of course, popularity of this game rises every year and the history of poker just starts.

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