Top 5 Greatest Sports Cities in the USA

Sport is popular all over the world, the only difference is in the preferences of sports fans. There are many kinds of sports and they are practiced in different countries. As for America, sport is a part of the American culture and way of life. There are cities that host a great number of matches, sporting events, and different competitions. Let’s have a look at the best sports cities in the USA.

Top 5 greatest sports cities in the USA

Top 5 greatest sports cities in the USA


Chicago can boast a strong sports community, there are a lot of professional teams there. They are the Bulls, the Bears, the Cubs, the White Sox. Chicago is a great sports city and a great number of sports fans come here to support their teams.


This city is home to a great baseball team, the Pirates (MLB). The famous Penguins (NHL) are also from Pittsburgh but they have a lot of fans all over the USA.


Indianapolis is famous for the Indianapolis 500. About 200,000 fans come to the city to support their favorite sportsmen taking part in Indianapolis 500, it is a huge event that happens every year. Besides racing fans, there are a lot of football and basketball fans in this city. It is possible to watch some NFL games, and in 2012, Super Bowl was held here.


Detroit is considered to be one of the best sports cities in the USA. There are such teams as Tigers, Pistons, Lions, and Red Wings. This city has the best sports community in the USA.

New York

New York City is among the top greatest sports cities in the USA. It hosts such events as the US Open and the NY Marathon. This city never sleeps and is ready to win, with such teams as Giants, Jets, Rangers, Mets, and Yankees.

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