Wimbledon 2017

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis competition in the world. More than that, it is considered to be the most prestigious one. If you have always wanted to feel the scent of the freshly cut grass, to visit the famous court, to eat chocolate ice cream there, and to share the victories of famous tennis players, then Wimbledon is the event you have to visit. Wimbledon is always played on a grass field and it is held since 1877 in Wimbledon, London. Grand Slam Tennis tournaments consist of four events, Wimbledon, the French Open, the Australian Open, and the US Open.

The Wimbledon tournament 2017 will take place in July. It will start on July 3 and will last till July 16.

Wimbledon 2017

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Wimbledon 2017 schedule

  • The men’s final will take place on Sunday, July 16.
  • The women’s final will be on Saturday, July 15.
  • The first round will start on Monday, July 3.
  • The second round will start on Wednesday, July 5. The third round will be on Friday, July 7 and Saturday, July 8.
  • Women’s quarterfinals will take place on Tuesday, July 11.
  • Men’s quarterfinals will be on Wednesday, July 12.
  • Women’s semifinals will be on Thursday, July 13.
  • Men’s semifinals will take place on Friday, July 15.

In 2017, Andy Murray will try to save his Wimbledon title. If you want to watch it, then buy a ticket, the average price of the ticket will be around £25 and tickets to watch the men’s final will cost £190.

If you are not able to purchase tickets, then it will be possible to watch this tournament live, BBC will broadcast it.