Las Tunas GM Lázaro Bruzón Wins Four Title in Carlos Torre Memorial

Cuban GM Lázaro Bruzón had the best system to break the tie and win the Carlos Torre Memorial chess tournament, which ended on Monday in Merida, Mexico.

This is the fourth time Bruzón wins the Mexican tournament. He divided the point in a draw with Cuban Yusnel Bacallao in the ninth round. This caused a draw between them and Grand Masters Jorge Cori from Peru and Yunieski Quesada from Cuba.

At last, the GM from Las Tunas ended with seven points with five wins and four draws and added seven points to his ELO. The 2673 Elo will be made public when chess authorities publish the first ranking in 2016.

With seven units, Peruvian Jorge Cori came second and Cubans Yusnel Bacallao third and Yunieski Quesada fourth.

Bruzón celebrated his third consecutive win of the tournament 2013, 2014 and 2015. He also won in 2005 to become the top winner of this co

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