Health on the edge of the bathtub. You know you want it…even water blocked. Plus.

In five numbers

boxes of thought

I can explain

insurance drought.


Payor, payee.

Speaking in tongues!

Dial in, dilate

and clear our lungs.


We are handed

many choices

pill or band-aid

deep throat, voices.







NOTE: A poem about medical care, expense, insurance, pharmacy? Yes. It is built on these five tenets. May you live long and prosper and may doing so not be mutually exclusive.

1. Begin at the beginning. Know about and how your health was set up for you during childhood.

2. Know that healing is possible in many different ways: allopathic medicine with its overlay of insurance business is just one way to “get better.”

3. Understand all the “complexes” in our society — the medical/industrial complex is just one. The others are the military/industrial; prison/industrial; education/industrial; farm/industrial; tax accounting/industrial; legal/industrial; transportation/industrial; and, the most heart-hit one of all, the romantic/industrial complex. The “complex” in complex just means the way people make money within systems. If one goes to the cores of these systems, one sees the ways in which they “buy into” them and then can compare and contrast their personal economy to the public economy.

4. The basis of a good society, one in which pain exists for the purpose of compare/contrast instead of for oppression-by-others-for-reasons-of-greed is one in which the power of the individual is based on emotional health, respect for self and others, willingness to own responsibility for the wants and needs inherent in being human.

5. Think about your foundation of health, your percentage of energy, your physical abilities and your fortune. Healing begins in the heart…both the physical one and the soul one. Introduce the two and imagine that you can give them each a beverage. Tea? Kool-Aid? Wine? Water? Lemonade? What do they say to one another when their glasses are full? How do they end their party? Thank you for reading this list all the way to here. May your questions always find answers and your good wishes all come true.