Still using a euphemism for menstruation? It’s time to #justsayperiod.

Dear People Who Menstruate,

It must have been ‘men’ who decided that “period” was a good term for the bloodshed pattern of fertility. End…of pattern, end of hope…end of phase…end of having to relate to the P1MS, P2MS, P3MS.* Now that I have been an editor for 10+ years, I’m thinking that this function is more like a comma…a pause, not a full stop. The comma. It has a cute little tail, just like women do when they have to use a pad.


Menopause Mary (Who Experiences Every Single Day Now As An Exclamation Point!)

*P1 = Pre, P2 = Present, P3 = Post …and…maybe all along, the P in the PMS really stood for “Punctuation?”

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