Why don’t people give a shit anymore?
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Do you know what is really going on here, my friend? You have written the tail of the elephant in the room of blind people. There is a lot left to see, and I challenge you to overcome some of the blinds. My point? The economy of the internet shared space is completely new and humanity has not yet assigned its true, good and beautiful method of exchange. The “how much do you pay for creativity?” question is in the laboratory. It’s being tested. And we are the lab rats who have a consciousness about it so our perceptions alter the “reality” of the experiment and its outcome. The bottom line question every individual (who eschews the ‘sheep’ mentality of ‘keeping up appearances’) asks, “What do I really need to be happy at human life?” It is relevant when each person realizes that, after all the basic needs are met (clean air, water, sturdy shelter, a place to sleep/recharge and also ‘be private,’ (whether that is a toilet/hygiene area or a quiet room in which to think/meditate/yoga/ write), organic food, an understanding of the reason behind their emotions and adding that to create kind, supportive, challenging and interesting relationships) — the final “what I really need” will be the shared space of the ‘free’ internet, all over the planet.

This is my blessing for the world of humanity today. (And no, I do not have one of those certificates of ability to bless anything, but I do it anyway because I live in the United States of America and I have freedom of speech.)

So — Thank you, big fat ball of loving and creative energy some people name “God.”

Thank you.

Amen. Awomen. Aallothers. And So It Is.

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