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Interesting take — the reverse psychology app. This is a letter from a father who is doing the best he knows how to do, to use words he and his daughter understand in their unique way. If you read between the lines (as I think I did), you’ll see just pure, honest love here. No games and no “control effort.” Just love, just a way to open honest, loving dialogue between two people who are first in roles (father, daughter) and then in just plain relationship as human beings. In parenting, reverse psychology seems to only work when the set up lends itself to rare, counter intuitive moments when nothing else seems to effect a solution. Small example: A child who prefers sitting in front of computer screen instead of playing outdoors has a parent who says, ‘please play games on computer all day…do not get out of chair except when necessary…I’m watching you as you do this…you think it is fun now, but eventually you’ll get tired of it and then we’ll talk’ in order to focus the lesson of “too much of anything is detrimental” in a visceral way.

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