Gary, I read you every day but I disagree with you on this post.
Joe Orlandino

It’s all intercourse, dear sir.

But since technology was born* we replaced ‘course’ with ‘net’ and no one likes the perception of a condom (unless, of course, it is useful).

*(What it would look like if we started counting the years anew from 1945 which, with microfilm, might have been the start of The Age of Information? I’m ready to leave all the BCs and ADs to their realm, and move forward with years counted since Electronic Access Technology. Since microfilm was ‘born’ in 1945, the year 2017 would be 72 EAT. Hmmmm. That makes ‘copulate’ one thing, and ‘consume’ entirely another. And how interesting that once again I am unable to put a heart on your comment….)

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