The Story of My Addiction
Sunil Rajaraman

Oh. Uh-oh. I am 59 years old. Two years ago, I threw $100 into a hat with two other women who’d also already raised children to start an Internet-based company without any monetary debt to anyone, with trust between us and a willingness to invest our time on a company that would assist other like-minded entrepreneurs — people who want to monetize their talents, crafts, art — but who also wanted in some way to make the world a better place. I am not even going to write the name of our company here because I am not promoting it; I am merely coming in to say that I appreciated this article very much for the perspective that was offered. When we were raising our kids, we told them the equivalent of this: “You’ll never know what’s possible unless you give it a try!” As immigrants to technology, we are giving something “a try” and we have NO idea what will happen — except we know that we do not want any anxiety attacks. This world is such an interesting place when you wish to promote an idea that will grace the lives of others and also put bread on the table and conditioning in the air. Thank you for your perspective, for raising two daughters who are sure of your love and for always surprising your dear wife in new, wonderful and good ways — she is always going to be your best partner.

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