O’Moon, O’Stars

…through the grace of pixabay….

on full moon night 
the stars still think 
to stay right in 
elliptic synch

they care not of 
human seeing
or perceptions 

signs and symbols 
predictive scope 
as illogic
hands light a rope

stringing something 
casting tightening 
searching doing 
being frightening

NOTE: Tonight appears a ‘supermoon.’ Every time the moon grants a quanta of light to the nighttime sky, human wonder rotates into a different pattern of perception. The four main phases of the moon are: crescent, gibbous, waxing, and waning.

When you take time to add up all the full moon night hours in your life, how many birthdays have you had?

This is what I mean by astroillogical. When I analyzed the amount of moonlight that has influenced my life since birth, I found a poem under the sign of the flashlight.

You have one of these poems in you, too.