Writing with the door closed
Tess Wheeler

Thanks for the punctuation of music (especially this song because when I was a child my family knew me as “Mary Lou” and more than anything else in this fine, cool morning, I needed to recall those days of innocence and potential under that name).

As an editor, I say that when you get to the point of self-revision in oh, maybe the third round, it’s wise to edit for yourself (as you write for yourself). It is only when you give your manuscript over to an editor that the “others” matter.

It was through “Quoof” that I discovered your writing. I read it all the way through, enjoyed it, greenhearted it, commented on it and now that I know the stats, I say, “Baaaa…baaaa.” It’s great to be one of your sheep…because you know, Mary Lou had a little lamb!

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