Every time I see an article I might find interesting, that I might want to comment on, I find that…

Thrift is part of the equation, certainly, but I see metaphor! Two horses got out of the barn and were galloping the open meadows of the internet (well, meadows obtained and maintained by those of us who pay for them) for free when www.medium.com got its start. Everyone could see them and watch them grow and flourish. Then one horse got captured and put back in the barn only to be let out when its fee is paid. So, as much as I’d like to see the muscles of the barned horse again, I’m going to stay in the meadow with the still-free horse. A ways away, in futuretime, each horse will die and the barn will crumble back to its essential elements. A new sort of www.medium.com will arise, build a barn and keep everything inside it. Admission will be charged. Writers will be paid by willing readers and it will be a closed system as are all sustainable economies. (I hope this makes sense…because not much makes sense to me anymore.)

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