Ask Ethan: Could the Universe be a simulation?
Ethan Siegel

When I read this, I thought about Leonardo da Vinci (his physical body, mind, spirit and even his body odor molecules) standing between two mirrors that face one another and then I thought about asking Google to lead me down the path of the science of two reflecting mirrors. ( At some point, both light and philosophy absorb themselves into small quanta and fade out yet — and yet I am going to say I believe this — the energy of their existences makes an imprint somewhere on something. When I ride the bicycle of my mind past all the question marks, I come home to eat toast that may contain a molecule of da Vinci’s b.o. and that is what makes me stop the thinking nonsense and just smile until I start thinking again — about what I’m going to be like when I die (molecules in someone’s toast or a waft of discrete energy). Ahhhhh.

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