“Who are the Readers?” I Answered This Today, Thanks to Medium.

They are me. I am them. Who are you?

Today I made a choice to read every post on the list that Medium sent me to read. I read. I made a comment. I followed.

It was fun…I love words. I love words that are strung with thought. I love writers. I love to read and write. I love to ask and answer questions.

Most days when Medium gives me a list, I pick one or two posts to read. Then I feel bad for not reading the others. So today I wanted to feel what it was like to read, enjoy, comment, follow and do all the ‘other’ things that a reader does when in a mood of appreciation.

The sacrifice might have been that I wasn’t working when I was answering this question.



Nah. It was not a sacrifice. It was an enriching experience and one I am grateful to have had — it was an opportunity. I will go forward with new words in my soul, mind, eyes.

I had words for breakfast because I am a reader. I am you. We are here to consume sounds and meanings; here to view screens, to love and to despise, to comment and follow forevermore.

Love. Love to all!

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