Why Lyft, The Company, Made Me Cry


So yes, I have lived long enough to say that an ADVERTISEMENT made me cry. And in a good way: www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8nyGzOLsdw.

I just watched an ADVERTISEMENT that was nearly eight minutes of video.


Something very different is happening in this world of ours. Patience, the time it takes to really listen to and understand a story, is on its way back. Maybe there is money underlying it, but so what?

Why did I cry when I watched the little movie advertisement?

Because not long ago, my adult children told me that I missed my calling — I would have been a perfect Lyft or Uber driver. I scoffed. I have a bachelor’s degree in English that actually paid off, and I get to “work” with words in ways that have brought me exquisite joy (and continue to do so).

But, they explained their reasoning…they see that I love people, I love to drive (every time I get behind the steering wheel is indeed a brand new adventure), I love to talk and listen and I believe that there is a story every every everywhere, and…I like linear as much as I like circuitous so if the trip is a direct route or if we get a little lost, its all one and the same because I’m willing to absorb the cost of a “mistake.”

Lyft, Uber, Yellow Cabs. We are all going places with one another. And all those places, plus the transportation it takes to get to certain points in order to get to somewhere else, are “worth” it.

Thanks for inspiring me to cry, Lyft, because your advertisement allowed me to believe in humanity when I think I had lost a little bit of that love since…oh, November.



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