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Yes to light.

Yes to the way light behaves when humans are watching, and yes to the way it behaves when we’re not watching or beaming it at slits or gold foil.

But where does the light in our dreams come from? Is it generated by the sun? Are dreams a sort of human photosynthesis? Or, are they ‘just’ chemistry?

Does light factor into the composition of consciousness itself?

I do not know. But I celebrate the sum total of my human senses (the five basic physical ones and all untold number of ‘psychic’ ones) and often, when faced with unique, discrete experiences, I whisper to my soul such sentences as: “Yes, I agree to participate in this experiment of observation of the roses in my garden,” and “yes, I agree to participate in the experiment of being a passenger on a commercial jet.”

And, I keep discovering. So do you.