Portland: Mount Hood & Waterfalls tour

Instead of renting a car (expensive) and paying for parking (expensive), planning a route and navigating (stressful), we decided to book a tour to see Mt. Hood and some of the many waterfalls around Portland. We couldn’t have made a better choice. We went with Wildwood Adventures, and highly recommend this tour. We were picked up at our hotel at 9am, and dropped off at around 5pm.

I was able to sit back the entire day and take in the scenery as we drove from sight to sight, and didn’t have to worry about finding parking (which was pretty dense at Multnomah Falls). It was totally worth the money (~$120 per person). The only drawback (barely worth mentioning) is that it did put me under a bit of pressure to shoot fast (photography), because we stopped at each location for an average of 15 minutes. That meant finding the location, setting up my tripod and filter, and getting the shot in 10ish minutes. It was definitely worth it, though, to be able to take in as many sights as we did in one day.

Stop 1: Vista House, Multnomah County

Vista house was opened in 1918, as so much of this area is from the early 1900s. It’s a rest stop slash museum, fortress-like, with beautiful stained glass and marble floors inside. The view from here is also pretty phenomenal.

Stop 2: Latourell Falls

This was our first falls, and a pretty one. There were trails off this waterfall that would have been fun to explore!

Stop 3: Multnomah Falls

Iconic falls. Being there, seeing it and shooting it was surreal!

Stop 4: Horsetail Falls

No, not that one. That one’s in Yosemite. I was sure we were there, and couldn’t believe how small it was compared to the photos I’d seen. I felt preeeeetty stupid once I realized it wasn’t that falls. D’oh. Anyway, it did look like a horse’s tail, and it was nice.

Stop 5: Hood River & Lunch

Our guide pointed out some places we could try out for lunch, and when we heard the word “Diner” we looked at each other in instant agreement. The food there was SO GOOD. Some of us (not naming names but he’s pictured here) probably ordered more than twice what one human could eat, but we were both able to enjoy sampling the smorgasboard. (By the way, those were the most homemade-est pancakes I have ever tasted. Delish!) Definitely stop here!

Stop 6: Fruit Loop orchards

There was gorgeous fruit kept covered by wet burlap to keep it fresh. We also got a jar of Marionberry jam, Huckleberry jam, and hazelnut spread. Nom nom nom!

Stop 7: Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood

Happy ending!