Maryline Higham
Mar 22, 2019 · 3 min read

Fashion Carrot Banana Peach style!

Last week I read an article about tiny plastic particles being released into the water / nature every time we wash sports / yoga clothes. And we wash a lot of those in our house with my other half hitting the gym 4 times / week, running 10kms regularly and my love for yoga pants as they’re my daily uniform.

Well the flip side to becoming aware of that other plastic related tragedy, is that on the same week I got invited to a launch event at the new ethical sports clothing shop in our little town.

The store is Carrot Banana Peach in Knutsford on Minshull street (situated between ‘top street’ and ‘bottom street’ for the locals).

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So off I went and discovered a whole range of lovely fabrics and designs all ethically sourced and made of interesting natural material like bamboo, soya bean, rubber plant and even aloe vera skin! Not an ounce of Lycra or synthetic fibres in sight, hurray! Cherry on top: their stuff was very reasonably priced! Around £20–25 for a top or shorts, £40–65 for leggings, £30–45 for a light jacket… Colours are trendy and some of the fabrics incredibly soft!

Nigel the founder is a cool dude who worked out the concept and designs as part of a family project.

Nigel and his sales team are gifting 25% off to yoga teachers, and I’m allowed to pass on a 10% off discount code to all of my students 🙌 I can’t wait to go back and try on the lovely things I spotted.

My 9-year old daughter came alongside me to the launch today, and this year her class is tackling the big issue of plastic consumption around the world and at school. She loved hearing Nigel talk passionately about the Carrot Banana Peach concept. These material may well be the future to reduce overall plastic consumption?

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The place has a small yoga studio upstairs. Watch this space for a Mother’s Day promotion coming out shortly, where you & your mum (or step-mum) can take part in a private restorative yoga class with myself at the shop. Mats and props are provided. You’d get the opportunity to feel those lovely textures for yourself then!

The brand has a men’s and women’s range of clothes, yoga mats, blocks and straps, anti grip socks and few other accessories. The men’s range is awesome too.

If you’ve taken classes with me before or are currently attending classes, get in touch so I can share the 10% off code with you. You’ll quote it at the till and that’s all :)

I’d love to know what you thought of the look and feel of their gear! And which were your favourite products. When I get my first items perhaps I’ll let you know, I can see a spring ethical wardrobe refresh coming on! Time to ditch the Lycra where possible. Every little helps, agreed?

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