#5 Oh how I remember #5

Me: “Hi is this seat taking?”

#5: “No, please sit.”

Me: “ Thanks, nice to meet you.”

That was the beginning of this long love story.

We shared a cooking class together, then art class, and finally a photography class. Starting high school can be tricky, I had friends in all the clicks but never really fit into just one group of friends. So sharing three classes with the same familiar face was a plus. I was dating a popular boy ( he had a nice car) but just never felt a rush or butterflies in my stomach. He was getting sick of me because I wouldn’t climb into bed with him. Few short weeks and then a clean break wasn’t heart breaking it was just obvious. #5 asking me out as soon as I told him about breaking up with my ride to school everyday, Not so obvious. I actually blushed, Me? He wants to go out with Me?

We had only known each other a few weeks, but I got a rush of excitement. #5 was very handsome, so I figured he must’ve felt sorry for me. I was such a nerd who didn’t really fit into any group or circle, so I said yes.

That friday he picked me up, opened my door, and swept me off my feet. I had never gone to a fancy restaurant for a date, and had some one treat me so special. We were together for the next 3 years. Tears, Sex, and so much more.

He may have not been my first, but he was definitely the first Orgasm I felt. We tried just about every thing and any thing two young lover’s could experience. We had skipped school and decided to take a shower together. He was such a romantic, always playing music in the back ground, always knowing when to take it slow, and when to take me raw and rough. He stripped my clothing off ever so slowly that made goosebumps surround my body. His lips, big, soft, wet. Making both my set of lips feel the same way. He picked me up placing my bare ass on the cold counter, unwrapping my legs from his waist and spreading my knees. The steam from the Hot shower hitting my breast while the cold counter presses to my ass, and “ Yes” those ever so soft lips on my Hot wet set of lips, took me past estacy. Dripping from his lips he kissed me and then carried me to the shower.

Whatever that was…… I wanted more like an instant drug addiction, I wanted more. Turning around and arching my back now bitting and feeling every inch of him deep inside me, I released once more.

I could go on and on about #5. I truly fell in love with him. Forever was so easy with him. And the sex was Better then any 50 shades of grey books. But with so much passion, and young love comes jealously and control. A rollercoaster of heart ache and tears. Over the years I learned this was not a healthy relationship. Oh the sex was so good, but the life was suffocating. In the end we went our separate ways. But I choose to remember the good times we shared and especially my first Orgasm something that every woman should remember.