My top 10 funniest things my kids have asked me.

10. Can I have ice cream for breakfast? It comes from cow’s just like milk?

9.Can I just go to bed at 10? That’s when all the monster’s go home from working the spooky in my room.

8. Can I pee out side like Hades? (our dog)

7.”Mom” this bully on the bus was picking on my friend, so tomorrow can I flip him off?

6. Mom can I skip turning 8? (Why) Ryker said you have to get dipped in hot water and then god gives you a ghost.

5. Mom is it ok to have 3 girlfriends or should I just stick with 2?

4. “Mom Help” @6am (Whats wrong)

My penis is stuck and I have to pee really bad.

3.Mom do you want to try my boogies? They are yum yum in my tummy’s.

2.Walking into VS — Hey Mommy look at all the sexy boobies, do you need new boobies?

1.Sex lub in hand- Mom this is good, can I have some more? — No give that to me-- Mom you said to share your candy.