America: Take in Syrian Immigrants

While European governments have squabbled over the past year about taking in the influx of Syrian refugees, the US has been predictably quiet on the issue, Obama saying they would take in 10,000 of the 10,000,000 (internally and externally) displaced people by the Syrian war.

Of course, the 5 million displaced people outside Syria should not be such a burden for the European states, a drop in the bucket population-wise, but due to economic downturn and Islamaphobia, there is resistance.

And not entirely without due. After all, European states had little (comparatively) to do with the Iraq war, or destabilizing the Syrian state to oust Assad — yet the US did.

So, how can these Syrians cross the Atlantic? The US is much less densely populated than Europe, and can surely absorb the people who have been the victims of its government’s and nearby atrocities.

Unfortunately, it seems the EU states have little negotiating power with the US, given its military dependence on NATO. And crossing the Atlantic is a much bigger feat than the Mediterranean.

The US has a responsibility to take in refugees from climate change and from war, both of which it has been in large part responsible for.

Refugees Welcome!