Legally, housing should be considered a right.
Tim Knowles

In regards to housing as a right, it should be guaranteed either by the state at a national level or by regional or municipal governments. Not that private housing couldn’t exist, but I would like to see more cooperative housing, etc, as well. Also more laws to protect tenants could prevent homelessness, for instance laws that protected the right to squat vacant buildings if left unoccupied for a certain time, etc, as exist in many European countries, or laws that better protected tenants as opposed to landlords. US laws heavily favor landlords regarding evictions, etc. Also, public housing is not that expensive to provide when compared with the cost of endless war. And, I’m not a Leninist, but it’s worth noting that homelessness didn’t really exist in the USSR. So its not like its that hard. If a previously rural nation could implement housing rights why couldn’t the US? It’s crazy that homelessness still exists there.

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