Legally, housing should be considered a right.
Tim Knowles

Tim, I hate to break it to you, but in my view, status quo is death. We’re facing ecological collapse. We may not live to see it, but the next generation will. If we don’t change, and fast, humanity will be seriously compromised. I think the state or local government should appropriate abandoned properties, but in absence of that, people should reclaim them, and that’s a step towards taking this right back from banks, etc. Did you see that Corbyn actually called for this in light of the fire in a social housing complex in London?

I think radical change is not necessarily in the offing, but absolutely fundamental for our survival. Sure, climate change may not kill everyone, but if anyone dies it will surely be the poor first, we’re already seeing this, for example in Syria or in hurricanes and floods in Southeast Asia.

Unfortunately we’re all too anaesthetized by the Internet or alcohol or opiates or TV or whatever your drug of choice is to move towards the radical change that is imminently necessary. Even the social movements that do exist in the US or Europe fail in the scale and scope necessary to cope with our social, political and environmental disasters. We are headed towards collapse. And winter could be hard. It already is in many places. That hardship may come to the first world sooner than we imagine. We can’t know for sure but sooner or later, or little by little, things will fall apart.