I’m an almost-retired Technical Writer, a language lover, reader, singer, traveller and keen eater. Happy at home in Australia for the moment, though I will travel again.

The author in Abruzzo, Italy, 2019. (Photo credit: Andrew Bekeris)

I’m Mary Louise Tucker (MLT or Lou to many). I was born in Pennsylvania (USA) but have lived most of my life in Australia after arriving as a 25-year-old traveller.

I am married to a guy who cooks well and still makes me laugh. We have no children. We do…

I wrote a poem at a workshop in 2009 and it has been sitting in a drawer since. Time for it to see the light of day.

Photo by Nika Benedictova on Unsplash

I stand on the ladder picking
from the tree outside
the kitchen window.

Mom calls out to us,
“Save some for pie —

But, already,
my lips are red
and the
against my teeth as I spit them
to the ground.

Part 2 of ‘Everyone has to start somewhere’, where I enter the world of the written word, learn valuable skills and emigrate to Australia.

Photo by Tobias Keller on Unsplash

Tempe, Arizona, 1979. I’m finishing my last university credits and will finally graduate after six years. I apply for a job as a proofreader. I’m 22 and pretty sure I’ve been born to proofread. After all, hadn’t I won a spelling bee as a 10-year-old in 5th grade?

No one…

Do you remember where your writing life began?

The author at age 4 (winking on right) with her older sister, Annie

In 2015, I finished working full-time as a Technical Writer and Editor, a job that has taken me to many cities, introduced me to clever software developers and business analysts, and given me financial security since the early 1980s. Now, I have settled into a routine of ad hoc freelance…

Mary Louise Tucker

Writer/ Traveller/ Italophile — Nearly-retired Technical Writer who aspires to writing memoir and other non-fiction, for now.

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