Amazeballs Stories Day 6/100: My To Do List and I Disagree

Do you have days where you zoom from activity to activity all day yet somehow feel like you accomplished nothing that needed to get done?

Saturdays are open days — where anything is possible. This makes me dream big! I actually get excited about all the things I am going to finally get done.

And then real life intervenes.

Accomplished on my “to do” list for today:

  1. Meditate
  2. Write Amazeballz Story post (completed in three stages spread across the day — def not the most efficient method)
  3. Walk 10,000 steps
  4. Take Mielle (my neice) to Grand Lake to get necklace and t-shirt
  5. Take Mielle to airport and accompany her (unaccompanied minor) until her flight leaves
  6. Take kids and their stuff to their dad’s (switch day!!!)
  7. Go to dinner (date night!) with Ryan

DID NOT accomplish on my “to do” list today:

  1. Work out (short and easy version -burpees, situps, pushups)
  2. Do show notes for Pattern Interrupt podcast
  3. Work on testimonial project
  4. Make canva assets for social media for class launch
  5. Take a nap or read my book (me time)

Hey wait, but what WAS I doing? The day was FULL from 6:30 am until I went to bed at 12:30 pm ya’all! This does not compute.

Things I accomplished today that were NOT on my list:

  1. Looked at facebook for an hour
  2. Oh, and instagram, that’s probably another 45 minutes
  3. Snuggle time with Ryan (yes, that’s a euphemism. Carry on.)
  4. Watched a movie (The Lobster) with Ryan at 9 am (!!!)
  5. Went to Farmer’s Market on Grand and ate nutella covered waffles
  6. Petted cat (cats need love too)
  7. Stopped at Nordstrom Rack on way back from the airport to get Quin some gym clothes for school. Insane checkout line.
  8. Went bowling (I guess that’s part of date night but it kept us out much later than usual)
  9. Ran around a park at 3 minutes to midnight in order to complete my 10,000 steps.
Clean all the things — By Allie Brosh

Okay — so what can I learn from these horrible lists?

One big takeaway — LESS SOCIAL MEDIA! Shit! That is a stupid and insane amount of quality time lost to looking at fucking facebook — that’s what! And let’s be real here, I do something like that nearly every day. Ugh.

Also, some of the stuff that I did that wasn’t on the list was pretty perfect. I need to not only be more flexible, but also be okay with it and not beat myself up that I didn’t do ALL THE THINGS.

My day had loads of quality time stuff with my kids or with my husband. I need to chill — and not just be a crazy list lady!


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