Amazeballz Stories Day 16/100: Are You Woke?

Are you WOKE?

Woke is a popular term which means to be aware of the “hidden” undercurrents of patriarchy, social injustice. Being woke means you realize that the world telling you “how to be” in a way which is not authentic or real.

The opposite of woke is asleep. Un-woke?

To me, being woke is noticing the truth. The real truth underneath what you have been taught to see and think.

Woke is noticing the constant masks around you. Realizing that you have been taught to wake up every morning to automatically put on your own mask. Being woke is refusing to put on the mask even though it makes people uncomfortable. It makes YOU uncomfortable, but you do it anyway.

As a women our culturally oppressive (unwoke) masks are:

  • Be nice
  • Be helpful
  • Do not be too assertive or pushy

Men have been taught to wear (unwoke) masks too:

  • Be strong
  • Show no weakness
  • Have the answers

How do we “get woke” and even more importantly “stay woke”?

Here’s an example: As a chiropractor, I have spent over 20 years trying to help people get woke about what health really means and where health comes from.

The patriarchy of western authority has sold us all a serious load of unscientific shit about how we NEED medical science to be healthy. This is such a gross oversimplification of complex biology turned into a full on lie — all in order to earn money and power and influence. This experience -teaching people the truth about health- has taught me how hard it is to get fully woke and stay woke.

We get woke when we are open to examining and rejecting old belief systems and paradigms that we have been stuck behind. We recognize that we believe the world works a certain way — but even that is often a LIE.

What I worry about is — what all the stuff I don’t even know I don’t know? How will I get more woke in those areas? Because our defense mechanism against being woke are STRONG.

I used to think we had mostly moved past sexism. NOT TRUE. I see and feel it every day professionally. (And I work in a progressive and caring business.)

I used to believe in the hierarchy. That you need to earn your spot and pay your dues. That the gatekeepers will give you a chance eventually. Nope. I watch the boomer generation berate the millennials and make them so ashamed and judged that they begin to criticize themselves. I see how wrongheaded an un-opposed hierarchy can be. The gatekeepers mean well but they are blind and clueless. Hierarchy is squashing us and holding great voices down.

Woke voice have stopped waiting for “their turn” — because your turn will never come if you wait for someone to give it to you. We must wake up and seize our turn.

I see all these layers of “isms” and privilege play out in living color all around me. Sexism. Racism. Homophobia and cis-privilege. Ability privilege. Financial privilege.

I have been every one of those things above. Me.

But now I am woke.

I’m done denying and excusing and explaining my good intentions and ignorance. It’s irrelevant. I need to be awake already.

And yes, I’m sure I need more wokeness on things I don’t know about yet.

What I do know, is that I DON’T know so much. And knowing matters to me. How can I serve without knowing? How can I make a difference if I am too uncomfortable to be WOKE?

All I can control in the world is me. And who I am makes a difference.

I want to be woke. And stay woke.


Feeling woke as fuck. Yeah!

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