Amazeballz Stories Day 41/100: I’m the best — and other lies I’ve told you.

The entrepreneurial world is constantly telling me how to get ahead.

Here’s a sample of things I have read or heard on a podcast or stage in the past month.


  • Be the very best at what you do.
  • Only work with the best.
  • Become a master.
  • Hustle harder.
  • Want more.
  • Make them pay attention to you. Attention will give you leverage.
  • They need you. Make them need you more.
  • Show them your success. Fake it if you have to. Fake it til you make it.

It’s all bullshit.

So much business (and life) advice is built on a philosophy of lies, manipulation and trickery.

Here’s one example: Be the very best. Continually strive to be the best at what you do.

I am NOT the BEST.

There can only be one THE BEST and it is not me. I am REALLY REALLY good at a few things. I am working to constantly improve in areas that matter most. But I am NOT now, nor will I ever be THE BEST.

The best what?
Best public speaker?
Best speaker trainer?
Best writer?

I do not have to think I am the effing best to do great work.

In fact, I am MORE confident and MORE motivated when I do not even begin to think I am THE BEST. When I know I’m not the best, that gives me permission to be me. It gives me confidence. To work harder. To be vulnerable. To ask for help.

I know I help people even without being the best. I constantly work to help more people and to make a bigger difference. Not to be the best.


  • I will not knowingly lie and trick you to pump myself up and get business.
  • I will not manipulate my results and reputation to make you think I am worthy.
  • I will not shit on my competitors.
  • I will continually strive to learn and improve my craft.
  • I will look for new ways to make a difference.
  • I will stop looking for attention and try to notice when I am being an attention seeker rather than a difference maker.
  • I will be brave. Bold. I am willing to be uncomfortable in the quest to grow new skills.
  • I will be me. The best version of me. Every day.

Being awesome at life and business is something I must define for myself. When I use someone else’s definition — it feels icky and I lose my inner truth.

I am not the best. I am me. A work in progress. And that is pretty great.

Hi! I’m Mary — a chiropractor, a writer, a marketer, and a teacher.

I am the founder of The Art of Story Project, an online business which coaches speakers and content creators to use story to become more powerful and authentic influencers.

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