Amazeballz Stories Day 44: I did the HARD thing today

Last year I joined a gym.

I’m not a gym kinda girl. I don’t post gym selfies and close ups of my hard bod. I have never had a hard bod. I once trained for and ran a half marathon and that was HELLA crazy. I had never been a gym person.

Last year I joined a gym and for four months I was a REGULAR. Like, they knew me. They asked me where I’d been. They celebrated my successes. And yeah, I had successes. It was hard work and I sweated it out and got stronger.

Then shit went south. The gym owner fired my favorite trainer and did it in a really shitty way. A bunch of people were outraged. the gym owner’s response was ugly. The whole experience, my happy cozy gym bubble was broken. So, in solidarity to my favorite trainer and a bunch of new friends who had been treated pretty shittily by the owner, I quit.

It was sad. I was sad to not have this great gym that pushed me but knew me and loved me, chubby thighs and all.

For the last eight months I have been “looking for a new gym.”

Which is a euphemism for going on walks, doing occasional burpees, and telling myself I should really find a new gym.

In the beginning I really did look for a gym. I tried out several and they pretty much sucked. No attention and feedback. Weird guy who hurt me. Fighting to use equipment. Just, ugh.

Today, I am visiting my friend in Buffalo. He took me to his gym and trainer. I had a killer workout (for me). I worked hard, got feedback and people were friendly.

And I remembered.

I remembered how I LOVE to do the hard thing. I remembered how I love to remind my body and then my brain that I can do more than I think. I remembered how it feels in the moments when I cannot breathe but push for 15 more seconds (which is a long fucking time when you cannot breathe) but you really are okay. I remembered that I love the feeling of weak wobbly legs as I walk out and the sweat drying in my hairline as I walked to the car.

I miss the gym because it reminds me that I can do the hard stuff.

For a little while, I can push more that I want to and more than I think I can. And then I get stronger.

It’s time to find a gym and do the hard stuff.

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