Amazeballz Stories Day 7/100: How to be successful every day (click bait — right?)

Yep. That’s me.

I’m redefining my story of success.

I used to think success was measured in money, in titles, in likes and shares, and in being recognized and appreciated by others.

That definition has been painful. No matter what I accomplish or complete, there is always someone with a bigger following, a nicer wardrobe, a more impressive title and more able to command attention. There will always be someone who writes more than me, and better than me. There will always be someone who gets asked to speak more. There will always be someone building a bigger business online. I know this and it makes me feel hopeless.

But all of that — that is not ME. From now on, I am writing my own SUCCESS story.

I am creating my own rules. Fuck that old system, where no one wins and everyone feels like shit all the time. I’m done with it.


I succeed when I am in flow.

I succeed when I use my talent to rise up and even soar.

I succeed when I have discipline AND peace.

I succeed when I find ways to take action AND to nurture myself.

I succeed when I find enjoy the small moments in my day (JOY!).

I succeed when I know myself and my truth.

I succeed when I SPEAK my truth.

I succeed when I stop and listen (to the wind, to the sea, to you).

I succeed when I drop all my masks and come to the love party as myself.



Hi! I’m Mary — a chiropractor, a writer, a marketer, and a teacher.

I am the founder of The Art of Story Project, an online business which coaches speakers and content creators to use story to become more powerful influencers.

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