Amazeballz Stories Day 92/100: What have you made for me lately?

I’ve got the “return from vacation blues.”

You know the feeling, when you come home, so happy to sleep in your own bed, and then BAM! — you get hit with all the shit you put aside while you were away.

  • laundry
  • need groceries
  • cat box needs to be scooped
  • inbox is full (and much of it is so aighhhh)
  • voicemails to return
  • reports to build
  • projects to push along
  • people who need you, call you, text you, require your energy

Rest was good — I feel more resourceful, overall. I got this. I can do it.

But I also feel the downward pull, the directional shift from RESTORATION to the dreaded hustle. The drag down is pulling on my soul, and I have work to do.

What’s a powerful girl to do?


Here’s what I do know. The antidote for almost any negative force is to make something.

Make something small. Make part of something HUGE. Just make something and send it out to the world, like a message in a bottle.

Because it is not really about what you make — it is all about the ACT OF MAKING.

You cannot be a maker — a creator — and a victim at the same time.

I read a story once, where the hero was a witch of sorts, learning her trade. And when evil forces conspired around her, seeking ways to set her back, she could dispel them by creating. She would weave a tiny basket out of grass. Or make a bed. She would compose a short poem or sing a song. The very act of making — normal, non-magical making — would clear away the evil forces and then she could do deeper magic.

I think of that young magician when I sense the everyday “evil” of the world lurking in the corners. What can I do RIGHT NOW to dispel the energy of stress and pressure and terror of failure (the greatest of evil)?

I make.

I am a maker.

I hum a song. I make my bed — with joy. I clean my desk and make a list.

I make something small and beautiful and optimistic.

I write a blog.

Hi! I’m Mary — a chiropractor, a writer, a marketer, and a teacher.

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