What I Learned While Writing 100 Articles on Medium: Amazeballz Stories Day 100/100

I wrote my first medium post in May 2016.

The night before I had gone to a concert with my daughter to see a hologram (imaginary person) perform live with a band — and that seemed like an experience worth sharing. Here’s my first post:

Since then, I have written 140 public stories. I have another twenty drafts, waiting for me to finish and publish them. I removed one article outright (gone forever) because of the (negative) feedback from people within my community.

I have been asked by editors of publications to pick up (publish) my post (I usually say yes). I have build some small sub-projects (like My Keto Story) .

I’ve had some wins. My most popular post got over 60 recommends. I’ve had some losses. Some articles got no recommends, like this one, and I have no idea why.

The project has grown — with stronger stats over time: more reads, more recommends, more fun for me.


1. I still have no idea what makes one post work and another one not work.

I’ve written a few I thought were great that not very many people read or liked. It might be timing. Or a weak title. Or just a day with better stuff in your feed. Who knows?

Maybe I need to collect more data.

2. Having goals helped keep my writing on track.

I write nearly every morning. Each day my writing focus was different. Some days I was focusing on a sub publication or an idea I have been mulling over in my head. Other days I was seized with a sudden idea and halted all other articles in progress and POURED out a new article (nearly) intact in one whoosh! — like a birthing a child.

But always I wrote with a goal to complete 100 articles (100 Amazeballz Stories) in a year.

3. Showing up (and writing) is MORE THAN HALF of the battle.

There were days (many days) when I wasn’t feelin’ it, but I decided to just write part of an article and gave myself permission to dump it in the graveyard if it sucked.

Done IS better than perfect.

4. Ship it. There will always be a do over.

Sometimes I hate to press publish because I KNOW I will look at it later and be disappointed and frustrated with myself for the rampant imperfections. But then I remember #3 above and press publish anyway. (And yes, I very often revisit a piece a day or two after I hit publish and make tweaks. Because I can.)

Learning to just go with my gut and trust that my personal antenna for good enough is good enough. Good enough is one of the greatest gifts of this project.

5. And hey! I got better.

You cannot write nearly 200 articles just for the joy of it and not learn from it. I built the muscle that recognizes a story in front of my nose. I built the muscle than can edit on the fly. I built the muscle that got me out of my critical mind and into my intuitive voice.

I built myself as a writer who writes.

A quick retrospective of some of my favorite posts from the last year.

To be clear, I have no idea if these are better than the others. These just jumped out at me as I reviewed my stories list.

  1. Some articles just flowed. This one was written in a single sitting on a scrap of paper while I waited for an appointment. (Being bored is a great catalyst for creativity.)

2. I went on a rant once about Millennials. Then I got excited about working more with Millennials. Because they are rad (and oddly misunderstood since it is so evident all the bullshit you hear about millennials is inaccurate). Now I write about millennials all the time.

3. I’ve been on a journey of personal discovery and trying to learn to speak my truth — to myself. I wrote things which were deeply self reflective.

4. Also, since I work with so many chiropractors and other entrepreneurs, some articles are very entrepreneurial.

5. And sometimes I like to try to express my funny (humorous) side. Which is extra scary and vulnerable because being “funny” is DAMN hard.

6. And sometimes I write about REALLY personal and uncomfortable stuff and hella people read it and I am not sure how I feel about that. But I’m glad I did it.

Hi! I’m Mary — a chiropractor, a writer, a marketer, and a teacher.

I am the founder of The Art of Story Project, an online business which entrepreneurs to use story to become more powerful influencers.

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