Bulk Plant Wireless Emergency Shutdown


In the world of technology, there are discoveries and innovations almost at every moment. By taking advantage of this modern technology as well as scientific improvement, so many tools and machines are being produced and invented nowadays. Wireless industrial remotes are parts of the recent inventions of technology today. It is used in industrial sectors in to maintain and control the huge machines. These industrial devices are an inevitable inclusion for engineers due to the need of high productivity as well as safety in the industrial area.

Wireless industrial remote controls are manufactured with so many varying features, and can be used for all types of mechanical devices. Some common applications of these remotes include Wireless industrial emergency shutdown system, Proportional Hydraulic Controls, Aircraft Auto Refueling System, Transport Leak Detection System, Bulk Transport Driver Authorization System, and so on. For the purpose of this article, our emphasis will be on one of the applications of wireless industrial remote control technology which is Wireless industrial emergency shutdown system.

Wireless industrial emergency shutdown system is established specifically to remove all of the expensive wiring of mounted location emergency stop switches. The operator can set up any number of wireless remote E-Stop switches inside the plant facility. They will additionally communicate with one receiver or the controller unit. These programs are an innovation of contemporary industrial wireless technology and they can work in conjunction with current, exhausting-wired, guide E-Stop switches and plant safety controls. One may add operator worn emergency cease remotes to those systems.

Models of the Wireless Industrial Bulk Plant Emergency Shut-Down Systems

Mannequin ASKF100-AC: This is a Mounted-Frequency remote E-Cease change, used to control units within 433 MHZ by the use of double ‘A’ batteries. By activating the E-Cease switch, the transmitter can be energized. The E-Stop transmitters and receiver/controller shut-down does not function when the remote E-Cease transmitter batteries are drained.

Model DSSF a hundred-AC: This is a direct sequence remote E-Stop change with unfold-spectrum know-how which operates at 2.4GHz using a rechargeable battery setup. The E-Stop swap and receiver/controller unit are connected by way of Safe Link. Any lack of sign connection between the distant E-Cease swap and receiver/controller results in an automatic E-Stop set off till the signal is restored. Transmitters are related to a back-up power provided as the battery pack will be active for only about seven days.

Remember, it is highly recommended and at same time pertinent to carry out daily routine check on the E-Stop transmitter battery tests and also scheduled battery replacement interval. Once the remote E-stop transmitter power source (batteries) are exhausted, The E-Stop transmitters and receiver or controller shut-down will NOT operate. Therefore, also check on them to avoid disappointment when there is need for emergency application.

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