Matthias Schoenaerts: The Belgian Beaut

When Tom Hardy ‘interviewed’ his friend Matthias Schoenaerts for Interview magazine last year, he asked the Belgian hunk what “period” he was in.

Matthias replied that he was in his “green” period. I.E. His life is flourishing. Creatively, speaking.

Having co-starred with a few of the hottest actresses around…Michelle Williams (Suite Francaise) Carey Mulligan ( Far From The Madding Crowd) and Marion Cotillard (Rust and Bone) Schoenaerts next role is with another hot star Dakota Johnson in The Sound of Metal.

He is also lensing The Faithful in Belgium in April with Bullhead and The Drop director Mikel Roskam.

Fluent in English, this intriquing actor has the world at his feet.

The son of a famous Belgian actor, the late Julian Schoenaerts, Matthias is also a painter, and was part of a group of graffiti artists in Belgium, before he finally got the acting bug himself.

Matthias has also been the face of Louis Vuitton menswear, and one of the first actors featured in Madame Figaro.

It’s disappointing that Far From The Madding Crowd (a wonderful film) was largely ignored by the awards circuit. Perhaps director Thomas Vinterberg could shout ‘zenophobia’. Perhaps not.


Originally published at movieliciousa.

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