Traders review


Traders is the story of two recently redundant high flyers who have to do something to make some money.
 Set in recession Ireland, there are no frills with the scenery, but this suits the bleak premise.

Killian Scott is Harry Fox, who is not named Fox for nothing. John Bradley is his evil genius colleague who comes up a business called ‘trading’ where two participants fight to the death to double their cash.

At first Harry is highly reluctant to get involved, but later changes his mind as his new data entry job is less than thrilling.

It was the late afternoon when I saw this movie and I was sitting in the cinema all alone. Given the nature of the movie, I was prone to looking around in case someone jumped out of the shadows…eeeew.

I neednt have worried. Actually I totally enjoyed Traders. It has that French black humour about it at first, then…it descends into cold, hard violence.

I thought that John Bradley was hilarious in the beginning, he has a Jonah Hill vibe about him. His chemistry with Killian Scott was great, and I am quite surprised he didnt get an IFTA nomination for Best Supporting actor.

Killian Scott got quite into the role. He has that dead pan expression, which works well with the cold side of the character. He also has those sensitive brown eyes…Of course, at one point I was making like his Mammy, thinking ‘I don’t want him getting into this…’

On another note, I loved his apartment. Great set design.

Quite a few LOVE/HATE actors turn up, but they are well used, particularly Caoilfhionn Dunne, who makes a chilling appearance, and Barry Keoghan.

Well done, gang. It’s a treat.

Originally published at movieliciousa.