A story told by playlists

7 days and 5 decisions & 3 playlists (plus a bonus 90s jam).


Mondays don’t count right? Honestly if this week was 6 days I wouldn’t have noticed.


Decision #1: I’m going to San Francisco in August. Elton & Sam, here I come!

Outside Lands 2015 Playlist


Decision #2: All day work meetings don’t have to be painful. Enter, my first official offsite playlist.

July Offsite Playlist


Decision #3: I don’t have to white knuckle everything. Sometimes I have to let sleep win.


No good decisions happen on Friday nights.


Decision #4: Just because I’m bad at dancing, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it.

Song by Janet, Moves by Mary


Decision #5: I love hosting brunch almost as much as I love the leftovers.

Brunch Playlist
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