Reflections on Laundry, Newfoundland 2000
Nancee Pace Cline

Clothes just in from the line smell wonderful. I’ve never forgotten the smell. Frozen clothes brought in (stiff as a board) smell even better when they are finally dry. When I was young I used to fill up a Hoover washer/dryer bucket by bucket pulled up from our well then heat it with an immersible heater.

In went the clothes to wash, transfer to the other side, cold water added and then the clothes were spun until damp to the touch. Out to the line to hang winter or summer and yes up that wooden platform. Clothes were deliberately hung high to keep animals or humans from toughing them. Who behold any one who got the laundry dirty again.

I never felt like it was drudgery. I enjoyed it. Being outside for most of it was a nice break from being inside baking, cleaning etc. I’d still love to hang my clothes outside but condo rules won’t allow it. If you do try to hang your clothes outside, you’ll need to double rinse them. Today’s powders won’t come out with just one rinse-they’ll dry hard and rough.

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