It’s time for nonprofit media organizations
Michael Marinaccio

I don’t read newspapers, magazines, ads on cereal boxes, have cable TV and so forth. I am sick of seeing advertisements everywhere I look so I just don’t look any more. The only place I can be ad free is in the natural world but ad companies are probably trying to figure out a way to have Smoky the Bear carry a sandwich board already. I strictly use streaming. The only TV I’ve watched for years is public television. Everything on the big networks is for morons to watch. Read a book. Your more likely to get the truth there.

You wonder why #’s are down. We are all being treated like morons and we are not all morons. We are subjected to lies and half truths. There is no integrity in news broadcasting any more. During the Iran crisis when journalists were being embedded, I watched/or read the news from Britain because I didn’t trust American media.

The largest demographic today is seniors and absolutely nothing is being aimed at us. It’s all for the young ones who’s brain isn’t formed yet.

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