When all you do is react, you never really act
Jon Westenberg 🌈

My mother tore up all my art work one day (I had only done lots of sketches) when I was at work and threw them in the garbage. I was about 15 and she had made me quit school to take a job in a shoe factory. I was devastated about my art.

I never attempted to do art work again until I was 60 yrs. old. For a few years I was really going at it. I joined an art group, showed my work in local galleries and immersed myself in the local art community. Now I’m doing every else but getting down to doing art. I am being creative in other ways but not producing paintings. I must tack your article in my studio room.

Too many years of working in an office have made me pay too much attention to everyday events, be too restricted, and time structured in a way that is not conducive with following your artistic instincts.

I’ve book a camp site for 4 days so I know I’ll paint there as it is my favorite place on this earth and maybe I’ll extend it to 10 days or more. It’s a start.

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