The Unthinkable Is Happening in Our Own ‘Backyard’
Jenna Elfman

Numbers and where they’re from are just a distraction. Children’s lives need to be protected. I admire the Youth for Human Rights for putting educational material together. We all know their young brains don’t signal danger until they are older. I’ve noted most of the respondents here are male and most are concerned about statistics and locations -seemingly no emotional connection to the lives of children abducted into the sex trade.

As someone who had several men try to tough me inappropriately from 12 yrs. old on (friends of the family, neighbours, father’s where I babysat etc.) I can tell you how terrifying it is and probably set me up to mistrust all men for most of my life. I was a feisty one so got away from them but so many girls don’t. I never told anyone and that’s another problem. Not being believed at home — you’re on your own to protect yourself at a tender age.

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