Health care is NOT free in Canada.
Mary McNeill

The info I wrote is a little mixed up. I got Medicare mixed up with Pharmacare a little. The rates I gave are for Pharmacare-all your prescription needs.

Our Medicare is paid monthly as below figures are for 1 single or 2 family or 3 family:

0–22,000 is free

$22,001 — $24,000 is 12.80 to 25.60

$24,001 — $26,000 is 25.60 to 51.20

$26,001 — $28,000 is 38.40 to 76.80

$28,001 — $30,000 is 51.20 to 102.40

Over $30,000 75.00 to 150.00

This covers doctors visits, hospital care, specialists, care outside of Canada and I don’t know what all. Care outside Canada is paid to the limit of what they would pay in Canada. If the cost is more than that you pay the overage yourself. I give you these figures so you can compare them to the US rates.

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