Mary’s rescue foundation kenya campaign to end vulnerability, poverty and torture to the young women, girl child and orphan s.

The mary’s rescue foundation appeal has been set up to help young families affected by abusive lives after child labour unrest, drug abuse and addictions,discriminated families after along period in sickeness, Hiv and aids business reeling in devastating cases caused by vulnerability and poverty.

The number of criminal cases has risen beyold controversy which have been in a survey and found cases of underfoot recruitment of young families where poverty are chorus and nobody care about it. we try to assume that climinal injustice can managed to a point of ending them but to my survey it seem harder if at all we can’t manage to figure out the number of outcasted families living with bitterness and threat result being torture after child labour,orphans and drug addicted groups whose aim is to seek a refuge from any one who can guarantee them lives.

Do you know girl child are becoming the prime suspect in every day to day criminal injustice grobaly? Have ever thought why ? Its due the under age marriage and forced labour where they are denied right to education and learn and discover more about socialist. Instead they figure out society as a threat because of hardships and struggles they face in live.

Kenyan girl child and young women are being trafficked in India,Lebanon,Jordan in such of green pastures where their live turns into graves and torture. Have rescue many girls from the torture and have seen them changed and bright at school they credits their pass to national universities, technical college and basic education such as tailoring and hair dressing and drivers course s.

That being my passion and my dream creat an awearness globally with grobal support from organization, companies,donors, investor,and shareholders in order to decline the graph rate of higher risk of gender based violence ,criminal injustice and suicidal bomber’s globally where it can be eliminated from scratch to our youths and young star who need support .let us know anger is the mother of crime and frustration is the cause of injustice, so let’s join hand eliminate frustrations and anger which source is poverty,vulnerability lack of education and employment build more rescue center globally and start recruitment to our youth before they are taken away as options of injustice groups.

We can’t forget the threats and risk of maternal morbidity and mortality ,Hiv and aids infections and sexual and gender based violence which results to conflicts and murder among young families with vulnerability and disagreement.

The idea is only to recruitment on asocial resolution center with talent reinforcement and sport understanding .create a room for both formal,informal and technical skill and education.

It my pleasure to we’ll come you to my project in need of your support in any way and any kind assistant we are paying bills and school fees without a home and higher rent which we fail to accommodate many members.we appeal for your cooperation and help .if you want to became asamaritan 2016 to rescue just one orphan or vulnerable person get in cooperate with me via my email address and I will direct you what to do.

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