Opposing a bylaws change at the National Association of Science Writers

  1. Emily Anthes, freelance
  2. Christie Aschwanden, lead science writer at FiveThirtyEight
  3. Monya Baker, Nature
  4. Adam Becker, freelance
  5. Laura Beil, freelance
  6. Rebecca Boyle, freelance
  7. Peter Brannen, freelance
  8. Bethany Brookshire, staff writer, Science News for Students
  9. Rachel Courtland, Nature
  10. David Dobbs, freelance
  11. Ann Finkbeiner, freelance
  12. Katharine Gammon, freelance
  13. Liza Gross, freelance; and magazine editor, PLOS Biology
  14. Tara Haelle, freelance
  15. Shannon Hall, freelance
  16. Eric Hand, Science
  17. Richard Harris, NPR (former president, NASW)
  18. Tina Hesman Saey, senior writer, Science News
  19. Jennifer Holland, freelance
  20. Virginia Hughes, Buzzfeed News (*already did not renew)
  21. Maggie Koerth-Baker, senior reporter, FiveThirtyEight
  22. Liz Kruesi, freelance
  23. Jane J. Lee, News editor, Americas, Nature
  24. Brendan Maher, features editor at Nature
  25. Apoorva Mandavilli, Spectrum
  26. Betsy Mason, freelance
  27. Amy Maxmen, senior reporter, Nature (*already did not renew)
  28. Maryn McKenna, freelance
  29. Rich Monastersky, Nature
  30. Lauren Morello, bureau chief, Americas, Nature
  31. Michael Moyer, Quanta
  32. Katie Palmer, John S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford
  33. Jeffrey Perkel, technology editor, Nature
  34. Jennifer Ouellette, senior reporter, Ars Technica
  35. Paul Raeburn, freelance
  36. Sara Reardon, Nature
  37. Adam Rogers, Wired
  38. Erin Ross, Oregon Public Broadcasting
  39. Sarah Scoles, freelance
  40. Ramin A. Skibba, freelance
  41. Shannon Stirone, freelance
  42. Nola Taylor Redd, freelance
  43. Erik Vance, freelance
  44. Emily J. Willingham (NASW board member, signing in a personal capacity)
  45. Cassandra Willyard, freelance
  46. Carl Zimmer, freelance
  47. Rhitu Chatterjee, correspondent, NPR
  48. Tim de Chant, senior digital editor, NOVA
  49. Carolyn Crist, freelance
  50. Michelle Nijhuis, freelance
  51. Sandra Blakeslee, freelance
  52. Paul Voosen, Science
  53. Jessica Wapner, freelance
  54. William Schulz, freelance
  55. Joshua Sokol, freelance
  56. Liz Scherer, freelance
  57. Lauren Gravitz, freelance
  58. Eric Niiler, freelance
  59. Zachary Zorich, freelance
  60. Charlotte Huff, freelance
  61. Cheryl Katz, freelance
  62. Seth Mnookin (NASW board member, signing in a personal capacity)
  63. Charlie Petit, freelance
  64. Rachel Nuwer, freelance
  65. Jenny Morber, freelance
  66. David L. Levine, freelance
  67. Doug Fox, freelance
  68. Emily Sohn, freelance
  69. Dan Fagin, NYU professor, author, freelance
  70. Jason Goldman, freelance
  71. Alexandra Taylor, Chemical & Engineering News
  72. Maia Szalavitz, freelance
  73. Charles Seife, NYU professor, author, freelance
  74. Ceri Perkins, Spectrum
  75. Esther Landhuis, freelance
  76. Robert Lee Hotz, Wall Street Journal (former president, NASW)
  77. Kristin Ozelli, Spectrum
  78. David Wolman, freelance
  79. Philip Yam (NASW board member, signing in a personal capacity)
  80. Alla Katnelson, freelance
  81. Tim Requarth, NYU lecturer and freelance
  82. Pamela Ronald, UC Davis professor and freelance
  83. Michael Reilly, MIT Technology Review
  84. Emily Mullin, freelance
  85. Beth Skwarecki, Lifehacker
  86. Hannah Furfaro, Spectrum
  87. Robin Marantz Henig, freelance




WIRED columnist, Schuster Institute senior fellow, TED speaker. Books: BIG CHICKEN, SUPERBUG, BEATING BACK THE DEVIL. Diseases, food, farms, drugs.

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Maryn McKenna

Maryn McKenna

WIRED columnist, Schuster Institute senior fellow, TED speaker. Books: BIG CHICKEN, SUPERBUG, BEATING BACK THE DEVIL. Diseases, food, farms, drugs.

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