Colonialism, The Best and Worst Decision a Country Can Make.

The Europeans main idea behind wanting to conquer the Americas was all because of the idea behind economics. The Europeans had the main idea behind all motives to do everything they could for the “mother country”, these ideas behind making new colonies would be the prime idea to increase the amount of European colonies throughout the world.

The idea of colonialism is the practice of one country acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploring all economic ideals. These ideas can be shown multiple times throughout history with the Americans and the Spanish Crown.

In North America colonialism was the start of America. Starting with the British colonizing the Americas with people in attempt to control and take over the land that was already occupied by the Native Americans. The Europeans attempted and succeeded in taking over the land to turn it into a full colony of people. The American Revolution was also caused because of this. The American Revolution was the revolt of the people due to the British Crown controlling what can and can not come in and out of American Harbors. The American people revolted against the British in many ways after colonization because of wanting their own financial stability and the ability to become their own country.

A prime example of this can be seen in the Boston Tea Party. The British were trying to make as much money as they could off the colonists so they decided to increase tax as much as possible to create the most amount of revenue possible. This lead to a group of Massachusetts colonists to disguise themselves and dump 340 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor as a way to show the crown that the people are in charge rather than the crown.

For the British crown the original intent of wanting to create a colony in America was a great idea. They wanted to find a way to create more land for the Crown. But rather it lead to a revolt and the British losing those lands due to the American people separating themselves from the crown after being able to become economically independent. The idea behind colonialism sounds all find and dandy in idea, but in reality it is a huge risk for that country. Economically it can be a big move and can work out well. The British tried and were unable to succeed because they took it too far. With colonialism there is a fine line between being successful and greedy.