Isn’t it funny that people complain about some aspects of life, that when thought about in a positive way, can be the most beautiful events? As I am typing this I can hear the drops of water hit the windows and roof of my house. The rain is coming down at such an intense rate that it’s suprising that it doesn’t cause a monsoon. I always have viewed this type of weather as a form of rebirth. Maybe thats because I learned in a literature class that rain and water symbolize just that. All I want to do is run outside and let the water run over my recovering body.

I remember being a child and standing in the rain. I would slowly tip my small head back as if a string were attached to my chin, pulling it up to the heavens. The cool rain always helped ground me. Back then at ten years old I had not the slightest clue what that meant. I never knew that ten years later the rain would be one thing that would help me from doing something destructive.

I want to go stand in that rain. If I could I would go stand in the middle of the road that I live on (don’t worry, its a side road with barely any traffic) and I would tilt my chin up just like I did so many years ago. I would let the water do its magic. I would let it drop onto my head and let it drip down my face. It would wet my eyes, nose, lips, and bounce of my cheeks. I would let it run down my clothes and wash away any stains. The cold liquid would wash away all of my worries and pains. Every negative feeling would be collected by the rain and wash down my body and off my feet into the beautiful earth. It would sink into the earthy ground and be gone forever. The breeze reminds me much of the dryer in a car wash. It reassures me that everything will be okay again once it finishes cleaning up the mess. I breathe in the brisk air and I thank God. I thank him for such a gift. He has given me rain. This rain is reminding me that I am alive and that I should never harm myself. I put that razor down. I look up towards God and I smile.

You see, many people hate the rain. It is a pain in the ass. It gets everything wet and damaged. People can hydroplane while driving to work. But to me it is something so much more than that. It is a refuge. It is a distraction from using my emotions in an unhealthy way. It is MAGNIFICENT. When you see the rain or get caught in it, take a moment and look up. First, thank God. And then think about all the people who are like me that love and appreciate weather like this. Try to be aware of all the people who are being cleansed by such downfall of water. Say a prayer for them.


Be kind.

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