Overcoming Marijuana Addiction: The 4 Simple Ways To Go Free!

The National Institute on Drug Abuse confirms marijuana is addictive. Becoming an addict affects you negatively and also puts your health at some risks. While it is easy to become an addict, overcoming marijuana addiction may not be so easy, but it’s possible. Again, smoking weed has health consequences.

The reality of the matter is; smoking weed has health consequences. Some of them include:

  • Cannabinoid hyperemesis Syndrome
  • Lung infections and pulmonary hypertension
  • Coughing
  • A high rate of heartbeat
  • Increased catarrh production

It is unfortunate that when most people are starting the habit are not informed of the dangerous consequences. Many people start smoking the pot in search of fun, joy, and happiness. The medical specialists and experts are in a rush to dispel this myth.

The fact is; smoking marijuana (pot) also comes hand in hand with poor performance in both school and working area, poor health, mental disorders and poor coordination of the mind.

Having the knowledge that your health is in danger due to the intake of marijuana weed, may cause you to seek ways of overcoming marijuana addiction.

How do you do that?

Detoxify Your Body

Seek medical help to remove the marijuana weed in your body. You can also detoxify your body by stopping the marijuana use. In this case, the liver is responsible for removing the marijuana from your body.

During this time, you may experience marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

Don’t worry.

These symptoms lower each day and chances are that you may not experience them after seven days of no marijuana use.

Take a New Turn in Life

You cannot stop smoking while you are still visiting the smoking zones and the friends you use to hang around with when smoking the pot. You need to change if you need to see a change in your life.

Visiting those zones will arouse the desire to smoke weed again. It may become even more difficult for you if your friends urge you to smoke again.

Look for new friends and socialize with them. Do something else at those hours you used to go smoking. You can go swimming, attend church meetings, go to a gym, listen to music, read books written by those who were once in addiction, read Christian blog posts, and the like.

This way, you will drive your mind away from the desire to smoke, and eventually Overcoming the addiction won’t be a challenge.

Seek Counseling

Overcoming the desire to smoke may be difficult at times. To some, it has remained a mountain so hard to level. You need to seek help immediately from a therapist. Let the therapist know that you have struggles overcoming marijuana addiction.

Since the counselor is a professional, he will give you the right advice. Be sure to follow the advice you receive from the counselor. You will be glad you sought help the day you realize you are no longer an addict.

Speak Out About Overcoming Marijuana Addiction

Talk to your new friends or your relatives about your decision to lead a new life. Make them know that you need their help to overcome the urge to smoke pot. If they care, they will be willing to help you. Be accountable to them all the time and stick to your new principles.

As you fight the addiction problem every day, there are a few withdrawal symptoms that you should expect. For example;

  • Lack of appetite
  • Anger
  • A feeling of being depressed
  • Insomnia
  • Marijuana cravings
  • Sleeplessness
  • Severe stomach pains
  • Body shaking and sweating

Though withdrawal symptoms may be challenging, do not look back. It is a terrible journey, but it is worth the cost. Nevertheless, the symptoms differ from person to person. To others, they are fewer while others, they are high.

Most addicts claim that the most challenging sign is marijuana cravings. The good thing however is; if you can overcome this challenge, the rest becomes pretty easy.


The journey to overcoming marijuana addiction isn’t easy, but many addicts have made it. You too can make it. Just stay focused, determined and eventually it will be a win, win game. You will be appreciative to have decided to change.

Stay close to the right people. Do something that can keep you busy all the time. Finally, follow the advice you receive from your therapist.

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Originally published at mary-peter.com.