What I Saw at the Women’s March

Babies, families and a sea of pink

The Women’s March on Washington was the yuge-est, most bigly protest I’ve ever seen.

The atmosphere at the march reminded me of the blackout in NYC, 2003 — there were lots of people crowded in the streets after some inexplicable disaster, trying to figure out what to do next. Since the government and the politicians had proven to be useless, we collectively decided to take care of ourselves.

Hear Me Roar

Hopefully, Americans can keep this collective-yet-independent spirit going.

There were many ‘I’m with her…’ signs, but few were talking about Hillary

Other observations:

  • There were very few signs for Hillary or Bernie.
  • Participants were definitely opposed to Trump, but they also seemed to be disappointed by politicians in general. The most popular chant was “This is what democracy looks like.”(as in, rule by the people, not politicians)
Free Melania!
  • It was a very polite crowd. People were respectful to the cops.
  • I didn’t hear one mention of ‘safe spaces’
Portraits of protesters’ moms
  • One enterprising capitalist was selling Trump flags that were leftover from Inauguration Day, saying “you can burn them.”
  • Protesters who were near the White House, (I wasn’t) said they saw Trump’s motorcade and loudly booed. The Daily Mail noted this too.
  • I didn’t hear any of the speakers, but saw their videos later on. I liked Scarlett Johansson’s speech best, Ashley Judd’s rant was whacked — wish I’d heard Alicia Keys’ music.
  • The Washington DC and Baltimore area tried to prepare for the crowd, but there were many, many more people than they expected. Trains were packed, and they had to add more trains to the usual Saturday route.
Princess power and pink hats passing the Trump International Hotel

My predictions:

1. A Left-leaning group will form. It will be equivalent to the Tea Party in that it represents one party’s beliefs without supporting that party’s old guard political power.

2. The opposing side will cherry-pick the worst examples of this movement to try to portray them as extremists, but the movement will still gain strength.

Do Justice, Love, Kindness — Walk Humbly With God

Unfortunately, the Tea Party led to Trump. It would be good for the Left to to figure out why that happened, and try to avoid creating yet another demagogue-wannabe. We already have more of those than we can handle.

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