Last Oct. 17, 2016 (Monday) We visited the Metropolitan Museum with my block mates. That day did rain again. every time we go to a museum it always rain but we don’t care if it rain we need to see and understand other art works.

The Metropolitan Museum do have 3 floors i think? But the lower ground was not yet open. The First Exhibit is called the Configuring Philippine Print and the Second Exhibit is the Philippine Contemporary. We were able to get 9 artworks. 4 from the First Exhibit and 5 from the Second Exhibit.

These are the paintings that I got from the First Exhibit.


This painting shows that not all witnesses tells the truth. Some of them are not. And by apply the rights of women in the past, Women are powerless to speak on their own.


This painting shows the body of a man and woman. At first I didn't notice that it is the body of man and woman. It shows the difference between a man and a woman.


A painting that shows how to do kites and how to play with it. It tells us that we should try to play a kite.


This is a painting that shows a woman that is waiting for someone. This woman was waiting really long and yet that person is not yet coming or going back to here.

These are the 5 painting that i got in the second exhibit.

This painting is showing the other side of the girl. The girl do have two set of eyes. She is making a communication to God. To help here in her every day life. And to have strength in all times. And when we say Zoetrope, it is a illusion of motion by displaying a sequence.


Venus is the goddess of Love. She’s so beauty, I really admire here. When I came to the room, she’s the one who really caught my eye even if all of the paintings there were all women.

A painting showing a woman with some tools for construction. It tells us that even woman can do things that man do. There is no really exception in doing things. And its show that woman have a power or rights in this world.


It is painting that shows the ball and a certain mass. The ball was going to bounce or slide. We don’t really know what will happen.

This painting is showing a part of the boots. and the pad. I think it is a time in the past, the war? some soldier or civillian just died that war. Or a rider just fell or got an incident then he/she died.

The second exhibit is really strict in terms of taking pictures. So, sorry for the exampled pictures. I really did my best to get some pictures of them. But some of the rooms don’t have cctvs.

So! If you really have a chance or time to go in museums please do so because understanding arts is really importance, it can enhance our thinking and we can get infos in it. The Metropolitan Museum have entrance fee but it is not that expensive. And I suggest that don’t get yet, I mean not this month or next month because the museum is not yet really done, the first floor still need some work to do. but still I suggest you should try to go there, it’s worth it.